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Important Telephone Numbers
 Tourist Assistance - Toll Free from anywhere in México 01 (800) 903-9200
When dialing the local number from the U.S. or Canada:  Dial 011 52 55 before the number shown.
From within México: Dial 01 55 before the number shown.  Locally: Dial the number shown.

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Police: 060 & 080 (Emergencies, traffic, fire etc.) 
To report a crime: 061 
Fire Dept: 5768-8261 
Ambulance: 5557-5757 (Red Cross)
Federal Highway Police: 5684-2142 
Consumer Affairs: 5568-8722

Medical Services

Private Ambulance:  5705-0925 (English Spoken)  
Hospital ABC: 5230-8000 (English Spoken - 24 hrs) 
Dr. John F. Symth: (English) -
Clinica Londres:
5229-8400 (English Spoken) 
Red Cross: 5557-5757  
English Speaking Dentist: Chas. Cornish 5540-2946


Farmacia Clinica Londres:  5229-8400
Farmacia París:  5709-5349
Farmacia San Isidro:  5578-1825 
Farmacia Express:  5356-1156 
Farmacia Central: 5522-6422


American: 5209-9100
Canadian: 5724-7900
Great Britain: 
5207-2089    (Complete Embassy List)
France: 5282-9700 
Spain: 5282-2974        

Credit Cards/Travelers Checks

American Express: 01 (800) 001-3600
Banamex:  (MasterCard - Visa) 01 (800) 366-3100
Carnet: (MasterCard) 01 (800) 366-3100
Diners Club:  01 (800) 500-3000
B of A - Travelers Checks:  01 (800) 849-4479


Banamex: 5725-3000
Banco Bital: 5721-2222
Bancomer: 5621-3434
Bank of America: 5230-6300 
Citibank: 5258-3200

Radio-taxi telephone numbers:
Entire city:  5516-6020, 5519-7690, 5648-6857 - Polanco - 5282-1883

To print just the above list, select print, then select - page 1 to 1.

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México's Entry Requirements:

To enter México you need to obtain (provided by your airline, if flying) a Tourist Card (FMT). To
get your Tourist Card you will need to prove citizenship, a passport is best for this purpose.  Other
forms of accepted proof of citizenship include, certified birth certificate, voter's registration card,
naturalization papers or a notarized affidavit of citizenship.  A photo ID is is a must, a passport can
serve as proof of citizenship and photo ID.  Airlines will furnish the Tourist Card.  Be sure to save
the copy that is returned to you, upon entry, as you must present this copy when leaving México.

More Useful Phone Numbers:

When dialing local phone numbers you must first dial 011 52 55 from the U.S. and Canada.

Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles.....     (213) 351-6800

Mexican Consulate in San Francisco...    (415) 392-2897

Mexican Consulate in San Diego.......      (619) 231-0337

Mexican Consulate in New York.........      (212) 689-0456

Mexican Consulate in Vancouver........    (604) 684-3547

México City Tourist Information Office......     5525-9380 

Public Phone Charges:

Beware !!!!, of the phones plastered all over some towns, usually on the front of businesses.  They are marked "TO CALL LONG DISTANCE TO THE USA & CANADA, SIMPLY DIAL 0"   The writing is in black and USA is in blue letters with CANADA in red letters.  They also have pictures of credit cards on the signs.   The phones are put there by a private phone company and are VERY, VERY EXPENSIVE.  

México City is on Central Time and observes Daylight Savings Time.

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