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This is the complete city guide to México City.


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Welcome to México City
Image supplied by the Presidente Inter-Continental Mexico City


It's a rare thing to be able to stand at both the center of history and of present-day activity. Such an experience awaits you in the Zocalo, the historic heart of Mexico City. The Zocalo is just one of many amazing spots in this vibrant and ever-changing city, though. Everywhere you go in Mexico City, you will find the old and new living in harmony side-by-side. Chapultepec Park, the largest park within a city in the world, is a fantastic example. The park is in places exactly as it was centuries ago, but elsewhere in the park you will find a host of entertainments for adults, kids and the entire family. From mime troupes to magic shows, there's something for everyone.

History shows up everywhere in the city, with much of the modern area laid out on top of one or more past incarnations. Right now, there are at least a dozen major working archaeological sites within the city limits!

And speaking of the past, you won't want to miss the floating gardens, which have been in existence for seven centuries, since the time of the Aztecs. Knowledgeable guides will brief you on everything from the history of the gardens to how to grow the plants you'll find there.

Of course it's not all history! Mexico City offers everything a modern, savvy traveler or family vacationer could ever want. The array of restaurants and culinary options is staggering, and the nightlife is some of the best in the world. From British-style pubs to mariachi clubs, from sports bars to romantic hideaways, your nights will only end when you want them to.

And for the kids, how about a Six Flags park with some of the most heart-pounding rides in the world? Maybe a soccer game or other sporting event is more to your liking? You haven't experienced a game of "futbol" until you've seen it in the company of passionate, well-versed Mexican fans.

Whether your vacation plans involve high-end luxury or traveling on a budget, Mexico City has what you're looking for. The options are endless, as is the fun!

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