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You will need more than one vacation to fully enjoy the many activities available in the worlds largest city.  México City is the cultural center of México and is home to a seemingly endless array of cultural activities.  An entire vacation could be devoted strictly to the more than one hundred museums, and you would probably still not have time to visit them all. The floating gardens of  Xochimilco are an attraction that has been in operation since Aztec times.

The Zócalo (main square) and historic center are not to be missed and are a good starting place for deciding your itinerary, as there are plenty of things to do and see in a relatively small area. Chapultepec Park, (the world's largest park within a city) is  home to many attractions and should be on your must do list, especially if you have any youngsters with you.  There is always some sort of free entertainment going on, such as concerts, magic shows and mime troupes. If you can imagine it; it is probably happening somewhere in México City.

The nightlife in the capital is second to none and provides an enormous variety of entertainment.  Ballet, opera, folkloric shows and theatre compete with rock concerts, bars and nightclubs featuring all kinds of live music.  Live Cuban music and the tropical salsa clubs always seem to be a big draw, for locals as well as visitors.

A good place to find out what is currently going on in town is the Friday or Saturday edition of local newspapers.  Most have listings for Art Functions, Cultural Activities, Dance Performances and Children's Activities.  

We have done our best to list many of the attractions available in this incredible city.  If we have missed anything important, please let us know by way of the E-mail link below and we will add it if possible.

When dialing the local number from the U.S. or Canada:  Dial 011 52 55 before the number shown.
From within México: Dial 01 55 before the number shown.
Locally: Dial the number shown.  

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Things to do in México City  - Golf & Tennis - Horseback Riding - Tours - Water Sports


Things To Do in México City Address Telephone
x x x
Free Tour...Of the Archaeological Zone & Templo Mayor Museum - Sat. mornings at 9 AM  - Three hour tours. Meet: Flagpole at the Zócalo Be there!
Visit the Zoo...Over 300 species - Pandas - Petting Zoo Chapultepec Park x
Bull-Fights...Plaza México Bullring - 4PM Sundays - Nov. to April Calle Augusto Rodin 241 5563-3959
Take a walk...Historic Center Walking Tour -  Organized walking tour of Zócalo and Historic Center - Sun. 10 AM last  2 hrs. - Free Centro Histórico 5510-2541 
Visit a Museum...Get some culture - There are many spread out over the metropolitan area - For details visit our Museums page. México City Museums x
Open Air Shows/Concerts...Various free shows - Salsa & Rock bands, mime troupes, magic acts, poetry readings, etc. etc. Alameda Park - Zócalo
Chapultepec Park
Swim, Soak and Slide...Visit on of the water parks listed below. In & around México City x
Horse Racing...Hipódromo de las Américas Horse Track Av. Conscripto 5557-4100
Enjoy at night at the theater...A variety of live performances take place year round - Call for schedule. Palacio de Bellas Artes 2512-2593
A day in the park...Chapultepec Park in home to a castle, zoo, museums, lakes, amusement parks and children's museum. You cant miss it. x
Folkloric Ballet...Presented every Sunday at 10:00 AM Palacio de Bellas Artes 2512-2593
Mexican Fiesta & Dinner Show...Folkloric Ballet - Typical Music - in the heart of the historical district.  Friday nights 7PM to 10PM Hotel Cortéz
Hidalgo and Reforma
Floating Gardens of Xochimilco...A pre-Hispanic engineering masterpiece.  Food, drink and music, all while floating along among the ancient canals.  Very busy on weekends. Southern Section 5653-5209
Study Spanish...United States International University - 1 & 5 week Intensive Spanish Courses - Private university Obregón 110 5264-2187
Ice Skating...Pista de Hielo San Jerónimo - Large ice skating rink near Ciudad Universitaria - South Section - Call for hours. Av. Contreras 300 5683-1929
Take a gourmet cooking course...Ambrosia - México's premier culinary institute - Courses from a half day to 20 months. Av. San Jerónimo 243 5616-5009


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Golf & Tennis page.


Horseback Riding    
x x x
All day rides in the countryside - Catch your own trout for lunch - Gentle horses - English speaking guide. - Grey Line Tours Londres 166 5208-1163
Chapultepec Park...Rentals available for adults and children x x
In the outlying parks...Desierto los Leones, La Marquesa and Ajusco you can usually rent from locals on weekends. x x

Also visit our Great Side Trips page. 

Tours Address Telephone
x x x
Centro Histórico Trolley Tour...Leaves every 30 minutes - Load on Piño Suarez, across from Museo de la Ciudad - Sponsored by Chamber of Commerce - Tuesday through Sunday - 10AM to 4PM Centro Histórico
Museo de la Ciudad
Viajes Tresmares...City Tours - Air & Hotel - Colonial & Eco Tours Río Tíber 103 5533-6886
Tepehua Expeditions...Volcano Tours - Climbing - Rafting - Mountain Biking Tours - Horseback Riding Tours Nueva York 255 5682-9720
Grey Line Tours...City Tours - Evening Tour - Archaeological Tour Rental Cars - Tour Buses. Londres 166 5208-1163
EccoSport México...White water rafting - Mountain Biking - Trekking - Day trips - Multi-day excursions - Experienced guides. Cda. de Félix Cuevas 224-B 5559-3574
Alas de Hombre...Wings of Man - Hang gliding in the beautiful Valle de Bravo - Tandem rides - Lessons - Solo flights x 5575-7760
Big Game Outfitters México...All kinds of hunting tours in México. Sauzalez 44 5671-2064


Water Sports Address Telephone
x x x
Parque Acuático El Rollo...In the city water park With - Wave pools - toboggans - Sand Beach - Parking - Restaurant  Chapultepec Park 5515-2175
Expediciones México Verde...White water rafting expeditions. Homero 526 5255-4400
Atlantis Marine Park... Aquarium - Dolphin and Sea Lion shows. Chapultepec Park 5273-2176
EccoSport México...White water rafting - Mountain Biking - Trekking - Day trips - Multi-day excursions - Experienced guides. Cda. de Félix Cuevas 224-B 5559-3574
Parque Acuático Vito Spa...Water park - 1hr 20mins outside the city - road to Querétaro - Thermal Pools  - Tubes - Toboggans Tepotzotlán 01 7735-0460

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